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What is "E"- Photos?
The specialized service we offer for cients whom cannot have time to visit the specilized service we offer for clients whom cannot have time visit oursite everytime. Yah... you always have a mail indeed, so you can send your pictures to our mail@elitesstudio.in . we make color corrections, contrast, brightness and other needed work on the pictures than print hot copy or make it as an album then we send it to your place where you need. This is apt for NRI's as well as person whom are so distance from our office. The two things you have to do is sent the pictures and credit the amount in my bank for photo copies and couriers charges...

What is Spot - Photos?
This is also a unique service we do it for the clients happiness. Yes , like marriage hall, college functions, sports competitions we install a photo booth on the spot. So everyone on the event can get the pictures instently. There is no need to visit our office to get the ever memorable pictures.

What is Whatsapp - Photos?
This is also a fantastic funny experience when you use it. You just paste your pictures in our whatsapp number and transfer the amount in our bank account, we make it print and get ready to send to you place or you can come and collect the photos without waiting for it to make. Our whatsapp number is 9486705661. for above two services our bank with karur vysya bank, srirangam branch,ifsc code: kvbl0001276 s/b a/c no: 1276174000000010

What is Wedding Photography?
Wedding photography encompasses photographs of the couple before marriage (For Pre-nuptial announcements, Displaying portraits, or thank you cards) as well as coverage of the wedding and reception (wedding breakfast). Visualite deploys the novel approach to recording the entire wedding event started evolving into the practice as we know it today, we recreate your moments.Our professional style of wedding photography is to present your day again to you. Wedding photography in visualite has evolved for decades and nurtured with elite standards.

What is Pre or Post Wedding Photoghraphy?
Pre Wedding Photography is emerging as a distinct discipline, As these are days where every piecemeal of a wedding is pre-formatted and planned well in advance. An excellent pre-wedding photographer will make sure to capture and freeze all the very precious happening moments, Visualite aims at making a cocktail of merry in the portrayal. So the saying goes "Behind every successful man, there is a woman" , Mostly that woman being wife and hence a marriage !!!

What is Commercial Photography ?
Well We are into commercial photography too,Making portraits at par with thousand words is the order of this digital age.and this is more limpid in the world of advertising.Companies and their promotion managers invest thousands of hours and countless amount of money in fixing photographic images that sell their products, and the spectra of Industrial and commercial advertising is perpetually alive yet juvenile.We were part of many successful advertising campaigns and made use of a special branch of photography known as large format photography. The images produced are specific and special created using photographic equipment designed specifically for the task. Many establishments have used these large format photographs to grab the attention of increasingly jaded customers, and their popularity is likely to grow in the future.We specialize in this.Whatever be the product many companies have found that bright vibrant colors help to sell products out of the shelves. Consumers have a naturally healthy positive reaction to these bright and cheerful images.

What is Model Photography?
Model photography revolves around commercial fashion photo shoots and creating model photo portfolios and albums for the individuals.Photographing a static non moving object is quite a hard venture, upon working with a model as a subject we employ more professional approach as is the case with an experienced model,As of Model photography is concerned each model is unique and different, So every cue from the model is important as it helps to ascertain the aesthetic dynamics and leads to active participation of the model. 
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